HICORE — Hawaii Initiative for Childhood Obesity Research and Education


A Center for the Education of Hawaii's Community

A goal of HICORE is to serve as a center for the education of community members, medical students, residents, physicians and others in the area of childhood and adolescent obesity in Hawaiʻi.

HICORE Childhood Obesity Education Strategies and Priorities:

HICORE recognizes that because childhood obesity is a complex, multi-level problem, efforts to address the problem must take place at every level of the community. Like every epidemic, everyone in the community, from children and parents to teachers, business leaders and politicians must be engaged, educated and informed.

We also recognize the key leadership role health care providers play in the education of individuals and communities in health issues including childhood obesity. Health care providers understand the chronic, debilitating problems of worsening obesity, the importance of healthy lifestyle choices from the earliest stages of life and the complex role of parents and extended families. Healthcare providers are also a trusted source of health information and guidance and have the ability to disseminate this information with authority and understanding to patients, their families as well as clinical staff and the community. In as such, HICORE will prioritize the provision of educational materials and seminars to pediatric heath care providers on issues related to childhood obesity, physical education, nutrition and the prevention of chronic disease.

HICORE educational efforts will emphasize the socio-ecologic model of chronic disease, link to the HICORE priority areas of research and consider the challenges faced by Hawaii’s children and their families.


HICORE conducts quarterly UH-JABSOM Department of Pediatrics Research and Education Seminars related to Childhood Obesity in Hawaiʻi. The seminars are opportunities for academic and community members to present their works-in-progress or programs as they relate to childhood obesity and related issues.  The seminar series targets physicians who work in the communities across Hawaiʻi, with special focus on issues related to childhood obesity, physical activity, nutrition, the prevention of chronic diseases and health disparities/underserved families in Hawaiʻi. Additionally, we focus on issues that are important to community child providers including issues related to child development, adolescents, and coding.

Approved HICORE CME seminars will be offered upon approval of the HCCME (Hawaiʻi Consortium for Continuing Medical Education).  The HCCME is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education to provide continuing medical education for physicians.